Will Croatia's story in the EU be a success depends primarily on ourselves. We should all contribute in different ways. Citizens by upholding the laws and building a progressive society and politicians by exercising the mandate given to them by the citizens.

Members of the European Parliament have a responsibility the watch over the legislative process that shapes the everyday life of EU citizens. We must be aware at any time whether a legislative act could make life miserable for a farmer or force a entrepreneur to close down his business. Croatia is a small country and twelve MEPs do not seem much in comparison to the total of over seven hundred, but there are farmers and entrepreneurs in other Member States who also feel the effects of EU legislation. Together with other MEPs our job is to watch over the interests of European citizens as their elected representatives.

As a doctor of medicine I opted for membership in the Committee for Environment, Public health and Food Safety. I believe that with my professional experience I can contribute the most by working in this Committee.

The last decade saw several pandemics threaten the health of the European citizens. Fortunately, none of those had catastrophic consequences, but they did unmask some structural weaknesses of our health care systems. Availability, quality and cost of vaccines as well the quality of medical services should be on an equal level for all European citizens.

We have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it, but my goal is that our citizens know what is being decided in their name in Brussels.